Important information about cerebral palsy

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What do you know about cerebral palsy?

Important information about cerebral palsy
10114972-cerebral-palsy-informationCerebral palsy is an umbrella term for describing a group of chronic diseases on the control of movements in the first years of life and generally do not seem to get worse with time. The disorders are caused by faulty development or damage to motor areas of the brain, the brain’s ability to control movement and posture interferes.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy have difficulty with fine motor tasks (such as writing or) with a scissors movement difficulty maintaining balance or walking, involuntary movements. The symptoms vary from person to person and change over time. Some people with cerebral palsy are also affected by other medical problems, including seizures or mental retardation, cerebral palsy, but not always cause profound handicap. Early signs of cerebral palsy usually appear before 3 years. Infants with cerebral palsy are frequently slow developmental milestones such as learning to roll, sit, crawl, smile or reach on foot. Cerebral palsy may be congenital or acquired after birth. Several causes of cerebral palsy that have been identified in the research are preventable or treatable: head injury, jaundice, Rh) incompatibility, and rubella (German measles. Doctors diagnose cerebral palsy by testing motor skills and reflexes, looking into medical history, and employs a variety of specialized tests. Although the symptoms can change over time, cerebral palsy by definition is not progressive, so that when a patient shows increased disability, the problem may be something other than cerebral palsy.

Is there any treatment?
There is no standard therapy for all patients. Drug seizures and muscle spasms can be control, special equipment can compensate for muscle imbalance case. To overcome the operation of mechanical aids to help disabled, counseling for the emotional needs and mental and physical, speech and behavioral therapy can be used.

What is the prognosis?
At this point, may be cerebral palsy is not cured, but can result in medical research, many patients can live normal lives if their neurological problems are properly managed short.

What research is being done?
Research suggests that cerebral palsy results from incorrect cell development early in pregnancy. For example, a group of scientists recently found that has lost more than one third of children with cerebral palsy, some enamel. Scientists are studying other events such as bleeding in the brain, seizures and respiratory and circulatory problems that threaten the brain of a newborn. Some researchers are conducting studies to see whether certain drugs can help prevent stroke in newborns, and other researchers, the causes of low birth weight. Other scientists examined how brain damage can cause brain damage (eg lack of oxygen or blood flow, cerebral hemorrhage, seizures) abnormal leakage of chemicals in the brain and cause brain damage.

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