The importance of kindergarten

From the East: “The nursery, in the school system, promoting the formation of the overall personality of children aged between three and six years, with regard to the formation of free issues, responsible and active participation in local, national and international levels. “

The kindergarten, taking into account the interests, needs, experiences and skills already gained by the child (education programs and educational program in the various fields of experience of this concept to the various areas of the agency and the child and then specify and identify specific areas of responsibility where the child a sense of its many activities, they develop their learning and pursue their educational goals in a concrete experience that takes it within certain limits and with their active participation continued).

How do you achieve this?

- Pay attention to the originality of each child to promote policy making and not choke;
- By promoting and relate the understanding of the game as a privileged resource for learning and relationships, ie a specific way, the child to the reality;
- The pursuit of exploration and research, from the curiosity of the child, what capacity building through the experience;
- Promotion of social relationships, friendship, cooperation as a source of motivation, social and cognitive aging;
- Organization of the school and the activities that take place as an adventure to experience life to the full extent to include the child, after learning styles.

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